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Wheels 4 Hope Update

January 18th 2017: 
We just completed our first car of 2017 for Wheels 4 Hope. This partnership continues to enrich the community as well as our business. Please think about Wheels 4 Hope when making an “End of Life” decision about your car. Many times that is actually an “End of Useful Life” for you which may enable many others to enjoy a “Useful After Life” for your car!

October 5, 2016:
We are continuing to enjoy our relationship with Wheels for Hope. We just completed our 5th car for them. This is a great organization that helps people help themselves. Please consider the advantages of donating your car when it’s time for replacement.

Below is the review from the coordinator-

"I am very excited to have you and your staff as a partner garage. Thank you for supporting our mission and preparing cars for families in need. The service you did for us on the Jeep Cherokee was outstanding!!! Thank you again."

Learn more at http://www.wheels4hope.org/