Raleigh Lexus Repair | First Class Automotive2013 Lexus GS F Sport Concavo Wheels by CONCAVO WHEELS, used under CC BY 2.0

Raleigh Lexus Repair

Because the average automobile repair shop doesn't specialize in luxury vehicles, Lexus owners who need repair or maintenance services are often forced to bring their vehicle to a Lexus dealership, where service is impersonal, slow, and expensive. There is a better option in Raleigh, NC. First Class Automotive is a luxury vehicle service shop that has been providing top quality, competitively priced repairs and maintenance Since 1983 and for all Lexus models since the car line was introduced in 1989.

At First Class Automotive, we know that great service is one-part expertise and one-part great customer service. In both categories, we exceed all expectations.

Our highly trained luxury auto mechanics are familiar with every type of Lexus model on the road. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and good old-fashioned experience to quickly identify both common and unusual problems in Lexus vehicles. Our service facility is equipped with a variety of tools designed specifically for luxury vehicle repairs and maintenance, and our warehouse is overflowing with Lexus parts. From the moment your car enters our facility, it receives dedicated care and attention.